Listener 4533 - Telling Lies

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Philoctetes | 21:06 Fri 14th Dec 2018 | Crosswords
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I stared at this for a while until my brain clicked into the style of cluing - and then it poured out in a rush. Some neat cluing, some simple. And the end game was amusing. Less of a chore than the last few weeks


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Carrying on with the earliest thread, as we normally do.

I thought this had a mixture of very straightforward clues and some beastly ones. Again the NW corner was the last I completed.

Interesting theme, and one I certainly was unaware of.

Thanks, Somniloquist, for an enjoyable solve.

Just as an afterthought ... the only clue remaining to be fully understood is 9dn. I think I know the two components to be used but remain unconvinced by the use of 'on' in the clue.
My thoughts exactly, very enjoyable and interesting subject matter that I too was unaware of. Managed to parse everything eventually but 9dn seemed odd to me too, 'on' doesn't sit right for me either. Thanks Somniloquist, most entertaining.
Very enjoyable, and Philoctetes sums up my thoughts exactly. Nice to have a gentle puzzle after the Herculean labours involved in solving some of the recent ones. Also it's always a joy to learn something completely new from a puzzle, as I did here.

I was taken aback by "on" in 9 down too, but in a sartorial context it can be justified, I think. Certainly a new idea.

I see that the 3122s won the day in Phi's puzzle. Well done to anyone who submitted entries with this score.

I'm away next week so wish all contributors a merry Christmas.
The theme was new to me too. Some clever and amusing clues - 30across particularly appealed to me.

Incidentally I see Shenanigans from a couple of weeks ago is revealed on the Listener site as David Hennings, of LWO blogging and Crossword Database fame, I presume.

I still think 2622 is a more justifiable score in 4530 - good job I don't submit!
This must be one of the easiest puzzles of the year, certainly the easiest since around June. Despite that I gave up trying to make sense of the cryptic syntax of 9d
Good fun but the subject was a tad recherché.

Quite content with 9dn.

Good single session fun and a bit different. The theme was known to us though agree it is a bit obscure. (We appear to have some chocs for Christmas courtesy of the Inquisitor - on the last two occasions that we won the prize the chocs didn’t appear.....)
Gentle enough - I confess to being a bit underwhelmed by the whole thing until I read the wiki article on the Author - but that was interesting and new to me, so I'm happier now.

Thanks Somniloquist.
Had zero prior knowledge of the author but an enjoyable solve and a fun if brief endgame
What a nice implementation of the theme.
An old-fashioned puzzle, thankfully easier than the last couple, but some of the clues weren't to my taste.

As to Phi's puzzle, I fail to see where were directed to convert the scores into Arabic numerals, but then maybe I overthink these things, to my cost.

Thanks, Somniloquist!
That's an interesting point, Icynorth. Fortunately it never occurred to me to enter scores in Roman numerals. That would have been yet another ambiguity to agonize over. I hope Roman numerals would be accepted as a valid alternative.

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Listener 4533 - Telling Lies

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