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badrosebud | 10:54 Thu 11th Oct 2018 | Crosswords
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I am not happy with my answer to 1 down , can I ask for help
Fossil student takes ages to record one stone (15)
I have paleontologists but I don't think it's right
Thank you


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pal + aeon (ages) + to + log (record) + i (one) +st (stone) = Palaeontologist (fossil student)

However can someone please explain how "pal" is parsed.
Clue is incomplete
Fossil student friend etc
Thanks Danny!
That’s what I put for my answer I thought pal is a friend
I think it does not separate the definition from the clue. Fossil student is used as the meaning and to give pa( your old man)and l

Then the rest as described

Does this go against accepted crossword protocol?
Fossil student (Definition) friend takes ages to record one stone (wordplay)
Covered above, I think , herbage- clue is incomplete and should have included FRIEND to give the PAL
Ah, makes a big difference
Yes . It always helps to get the full clue or else we are all floundering.
Every word has its role in a cryptic, no wonder it was confusing.
Thing is....we all read clues with a "scan" system on first sight. Rose almost proved it by posting the clue as read. Guilty as charged myself at times.

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Daily Mail Crossword No 15,902

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