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Guardian Prize Crossword 27364 Saturday November 25Th 2017

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Spanishfly | 13:50 Sat 25th Nov 2017 | Crosswords
12 Answers
I've only got three solutions left, and this one's holding me up for one of the crosser. Any ideas?


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and the clue is?
Hi Spanishfly & welcome to AB :-)

This link should be helpful in showing the best way to ask a Q -

You can reply to this thread by using the "Your Answer..." box, rather than starting a new thread.
Welcome to AnswerBank, spanishfly.
You do need to tell us the clues before we can answer.
Add your question(s) by way of an answer to this thread.
Spanishfly- I think you may have put the clue in the title box and then used the title builder- which then unfortunately overwrites your clue.
Please reply with details of the clue and letter count/pattern
Question Author
Sorry, I thought I'd submitted the clue, but in the rigmarole of registering, it seems to have gone astray. I've re-posted with the wording and the letters I've got
Where have you re-posted?
Question Author
Let's try again:
14d. Second endlessly supporting bass solo about weight problem (9)

It's been answered by LIk and Toorak on the new thread
To keep things together -

Don't worry, Spanishfly, you'll soon get used to the site :-)
Bariatric- B(bass) + aria(solo) + tric(e) (second)

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Guardian Prize Crossword 27364 Saturday November 25Th 2017

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