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The AnswerBank Quizzes & Puzzles Guidelines

16:37 Mon 24th May 2010 |

Quizzes and Puzzles are taken seriously on The AnswerBank, and for anyone desiring any assistance with an answer or clue it is always best to offer information in the most helpful way possible.

The AnswerBank requests you to enter your Quiz information as follows:

Asking a Question:

1.    Before you ask a question please skim through questions already posted, or use the search function provided, to see if the information you need has already been posted on the site. If not continue as below.

2.    Enter the name of the Quiz/Puzzle in the Question title field and please don't forget to add a closing date if one is applicable!

3.    In the main body users should indicate on which Clue assistance is required.

4.    Users should then try and give as much information as possible about the clue for example:
    a.    The Clue itself, for example: “Where is the best place to ask and answer questions?”
    b.    The number of letters required, for example: (3)/(10)
    c.    Any letters which have already been worked out in the answer should be presented as:  T?E/A??WE?BA?K. Here the “?” represents a missing letter while the “/” represents a space, a space itself is also acceptable. The answer to the clue is, of course, “The AnswerBank.”

5.    If you receive a helpful answer please indicate with the “best answer” option and offering a thank you. This should be done on the original thread, not in an entirely new thread.

6.    Please keep chat to the ends of answered questions – “chat” threads in Quizzes and Puzzles are very unpopular with those who are still searching for clues and answers.


Answering Questions:

1.    Please be helpful and kind when offering answers, solutions and suggestions. Suggesting another user should “try harder,” will not be tolerated – quizzers of all abilities are free to use the website as they please.

2.    Although thanks should be forthcoming from any users you have helped demanding thanks for your help is not in the spirit of The AnswerBank.

3.    If the question has been answered elsewhere providing a link to that question is an acceptable way of answering.

Keeping this in mind will make it possible for you to get and give the best answers efficiently and happily!

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