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Cpre Christmas Cryptic Quiz

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CLOTHEAD | 10:44 Wed 14th Dec 2016 | Crosswords
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Theme of the quiz is 'Childhood memories: Books, Nursery Rhymes, Pantomimes, Fairy Tales. Clue is: One Of Mrs Brown's Boys... (7)

I can't stand that programme and even googling the cast didn't help...

Also: Safe Vessel (5,3)

Any ideas?


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2.Peter Pan
Question Author
Wow - that was quick.. I can see that Pan is a vessel but what's with Safe = Peter??
Peter is criminal slang for a safe
Question Author
I obviously don't spend enough time with criminals :-) Many thanks..
leopold ......king in snow white of mrs brown(queen Victoria)sons
Cryptic thinking at its best to think of Queen Victoria, well thought out Mally.
thankyou Donny xx
Question Author
Thank you too, Mally :-)

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Cpre Christmas Cryptic Quiz

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