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busow | 11:56 Sat 08th Oct 2016 | Crosswords
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6down designer,s month in Paris hosting bishop (6).
20 across relief worker,abrasive,short Hubble roped in (8) .
17down women's entertaining a bar with a dance (8).
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6d. Morris
6 Morris
6d (William) Morris - 'R(ight) R(everend)' (in) 'mois' (Fr. "month")

20a Relief worker, abrasive, short, guvnor roped in (8)

Embosser - 'boss' (guvnor, in) 'emer(y)' (abrasive, short)

17d Habanera - 'her' (entertaining; containing) 'a ban' + 'a'
17d. habanera
17 Habenera
sorry should be habanera

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Saturday Times. Help Pleeese

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