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Ripper | 13:19 Sun 19th Jun 2016 | Crosswords
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I'm stuck !
Are all the unconventional answers real words?
I haven't found all of them, but I've no idea what to do with them.
Could be 'cos I'm on holiday and my only Internet is my husbands mobile! Which is just confusing for an old'un like me!
Any help really appreciated!


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Hi Ripper

Basically what you have to do, just for the thirteen ''odd" solutions is rotate the grid so that they are entered back to front e.g. the solution to 1A is actually entered backwards in the grid at 45A and vice versa. This is done for 6 pairs of solutions, with a further odd one in the centre of the grid. Hope this helps.
The answers are all real words, but they are not entered normally. The title is an anagram of what to do before entry, and the first letters of the affected clues confirm this.
I hate it when answers cross each other!
Question Author
Thank you both - I'll have another look!

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Inquisitor 1443

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