Spectator Christmas Crossword

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djawhufc | 07:36 Thu 10th Dec 2015 | Crosswords
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Morning to all of you

Here is the bumper Christmas crossword.

Should keep you all out of trouble.

See you in a few weeks for the next one.

All the best



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Hi Daniel

I'm going resist the temptation to start working on it for a while
as i really have to do my Christmas shopping & other chores.

I want to thank you for all the trouble you go to feed our habit
and I'm glad you'll be having a 3 week break.

Best wishes

Question Author
Hi K

When I saw I had a response I thought some genius had already finished it.

Even a master such as yourself would need a bit longer than 9 minutes.

I hope you and the family have a good Christmas. I hope Santa is kind to you all.

Sorry but I cannot see a link to the crossword.

Capeman - djawhufc emails it to us (about 80 of us I think!)
If you give your email I am sure Daniel will send it to you.
Thanks Daniel.
A very Happy Christmas to you and your family, and all the other Speccie ABers as well.
The answer to 9down is misprinted in the latest edition of Chambers, but it's correct in the previous edition
Thanks for doing this throughout the year Daniel and I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas .
Shaney x
Phew! That was quite a work-out, just a few loose ends to tie up.
What will we do on the other Thursday mornings now?!
Many thanks to Daniel for sending us our speccie every week!
What very different authors!
I'd like to thank Daniel, too, for his constant assistance!
And in case this is the last time we see one another here before The Great Day(s), Merry Christmas and all that (Peace would be a real blessing this coming year)..................
Thank you for a year of crossword pleasure Daniel. Have a good Christmas.
Many thanks, Daniel, for supplying us with a year of entertainment. Best wishes for Christmas in your new home.
Thanks Daniei ..... Merry Christmas ............. I wish I hadn't done the Christmas one so quickly ...... I was looking forward to todays !!!!! Doh !!!! lol

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Spectator Christmas Crossword

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