Tudor Land Measurement

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magda | 12:20 Mon 09th Nov 2015 | Crosswords
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If Lie in King is awake---would like to know what was "a claw"--it was a word to do with North Devon land measurement. It is a real puzzle! please help. Magda


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It sounds like it might be similar to what's called an 'intake' round here:
Morning, magda - I'm sorry but I don't understand your query.

Is this from a quiz perhaps? If it's a crossword clue, it's one I don't recognise from the info you've given.

Are you looking for a word for "a claw" that also means a unit of land measurement from N Devon?
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Thanks for answering both of you ---maybe "intake" Lie in King---not a quiz---just something that came up in a local history lecture. Tudor period in N.Devon --talking about acreage---and "a claw". Sounds as if it is a subdivision of an acre? There again --with Devon dialect it might be a mis-hearing of a similar word! I tried the Answer Bank crossworders because their breadth & depth of knowledge is considerable. Magda
how about a hand or a hide, used back then....?
Though not easy to read, the glossary of this document;sa=X&ved=0CDwQ6AEwBmoVChMIhJfWxZCEyQIVQlk-Ch1xHANi#v=onepage&q=claw%20land%20measure%20devon&;f=false
gives "Clava or Clawa - a claw or close of land". One definition of close in Chambers Dictionary - "an enclosed place; a small enclosed field". So not a measurement of area.
Just remembered to check this before I head for bed - great find, Jonathan-Joe! :-)
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Well done Johnathan-Joe---that must be it ---fits the context perfectly. AnswerBank finders are the best! Thank you very much --that has driven me hairless for a week. Magda

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Tudor Land Measurement

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