Inquisitor 1406

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Ripper | 13:54 Tue 06th Oct 2015 | Crosswords
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I've 'done' the end of the puzzle, but need some help with the following: (the word I've put in brackets is the extra word)
2 down: Russian general truncated a Pacific (ash) tree (6) ATA?AN (I asume it's Ataman but don't understand the word play. 4 down Antiquated Patagonian number lower than base (half) (4) ETE?
17 down: Search for Mac's excellent (food) (4) AIP?
Thanks in advance


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17 Ripe
2 Ataman - but I still don't know anything other than the Russian general bit.
4 D. I had Eten, but can't remember why.
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Thank you Neveracrossword - I really enjoyed this crossword
You are very welcome to my tiny bit of help! Yes, it was a good crossword, quite tricky.
tamanu is a pacific tree
Ros.. thanks for that - I hope I'll remember it if it crops up anywhere in the future.

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Inquisitor 1406

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