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Macawparrot | 01:27 Wed 31st Dec 2014 | Crosswords
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16d Feed (5)
19a Predicting the future (5)

These two answers cross each other in the grid so the middle letter for both answers must be the same! I thought of "Cater" for feed and "Augur" for predicting the future but the middle letters ('t' and 'g') are not the same so at least one answer is wrong. These two answers don't cross with any other words in the grid.


26a Spiritual part of askance (2) ?0
27d Central idea (4) CL?U

Any suggustions for any of these gratefully recieved.



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26a Ka ?
Question Author
Many thanks Oldred.

For 26a I am pretty confident the 2nd letter is an 'o'.
Question Author
That's brillaint scorpiojo, you're amazing!

The final one I cna't do is:
26a Spiritual part of askance (2) ?0

(2nd letter 'o')
Ta :o)

No idea of 26, sorry
26 Spiritual = HOly - part of = HO = askance/urge, etc?
Question Author
Many thanks Captain2, that is better than anything I came up with!

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