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ginvodka | 11:48 Mon 20th Oct 2014 | Crosswords
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I'm back again
16a Lead an idle or aimless existence (4) ?O??
26a Find out, pick up (5) ??A?N
29a Valued, ranked (5) R????
17d Lead attack (9) ??E???E??
24d Decree, proclamation (5) ??I??
23a Small celestial object is remote, possibly? (6) ?E????
22d Big car in parts, by the sound of it (5) R???S

Thanks in advance for help


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24d Edict
23a Meteor - anagram
22d Rolls - sounds like Roles

16 Doss
29 Rated
17 Spearhead
24 Edict
22 Rolls ?
29a rated
17d spearhead
22d Rolls
26 learn
224 edic
29 rated
23a meteor anag

23 Meteor
sorry typo edict
26a learn

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Imos 889

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