Ev 1126

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x_word_fan | 10:38 Mon 09th Jun 2014 | Crosswords
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Fairly straightforward but enjoyable.

I may be wrong of course but I can only count 32 highlighted cells and also, is 44a not a normal clue?


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I've checked several times and there are definitely 33 cells that are highlighted. Most likely source of error is in one of the thematic titles in particular -- check the translation very carefully.

44ac seems fine to me. Quite a few fairly easy clues, I thought, and a nice puzzle -- hopefully fairly accessible, too. One of the translations in particular seemed rather easy!
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Can't count1 Not totally convinced about 44 however but I see your point James
Managed a break from work to do this. Still have to crack last week's code.
Hi all - nice, gentle jog this week, with some enjoyable clueing, I thought. Novalis, I finally cracked last week's code - check my comment on that thread to see if it might help.
I particularly enjoyed the "Every other hour... Every other day..." pair. Fairly transparent clues, but fun all the same.
Hi Christana!

Many thanks for that. I shall have another look tomorrow but I am not even sure I have identified all four words yet. Now is not a good time to look as I am feeling rather jaded having spent the day starting the PEX report and getting material together for standardisation purposes for next year.
44a HoUrElSi(E) = HUES + E
Nice puzzle but slightly weak to have GOING appear twice in the grid, creating potential ambiguity with the highlighting.
Yes, that was a bit careless, though the intended highlighting is fairly obvious. Perhaps Samson also missed a trick by not referencing 18a in 45a ?

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Ev 1126

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