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(Glasgow) Herald Wee Stinker

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glasgowcop | 19:05 Mon 06th Jan 2014 | Crosswords
18 Answers
Anyone looking for answers in today's (Glasgow) Herald Wee Stinker crossword ?


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Is this the same one?!
21:12 Mon 06th Jan 2014

No, but thanks anyway!
Question Author
Thanks Baldric, cheers anyway
glasgowcop - With a username like that, we must have met at some time :-), and thanks but I managed to finish it today.

Wharton (Maryhill)
Question Author
Hi Wharton, I worked at London Road, Pitt St, Maryhill, Aikenhead Road,Rutherglen and other places too many to mention. A bit of a gypsy. Wrote three books under the title of Glasgow Cop. Spend my time now with crosswords
ans another two books in the pipeline. Regards Willie (Glasgowcop)
Wharton, you haven't been on the wrong side of the law, have you?
glasgowcop - Good luck with the forthcoming books. Craigie Street was my longest posting.

Psybbo - You're nicked!!
Question Author
Wharton, When did you join?
Don't tell me you was a rozzer Warty.......
Any time Wharton xx
glasgowcop - 1974

shoota - I hope you've got a licence for that weapon son, and stop pointing it at the dog's elbow :-)
You're delusional Jimmy.....
glasgowcop. I'm looking for an answer to Forbid sweet table talk ?A?A?A-?P?L? Hope you can help?
davey b... Banana Split
How does that parse??
Can see 'forbid' = Ban, maybe 'talk' = Split (at a stretch)but....
Wharton, I didn't know you was once a plod! x
On davey b's own thread, he had the second word as ?P?I?

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(Glasgow) Herald Wee Stinker

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