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The Herald (Glasgow) Wee Stinker 15/9

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ACB312 | 21:54 Mon 15th Sep 2008 | Crosswords
8 Answers
I have just got to grips with this crossword but I am stuck for a few.
1,2 down. Go to pen and repent (8,8) I've got C___O___,S___E___. Compound something?

10,13 down. Tantalus second (6,6) _O___E,H_L_E_. Something helper?

Any answers to these might help me finish it for the first time. Thanks, Andy


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10,13 could be bottle holder
Question Author
Thanks baitress - fits nicely! Cheers, Andy
1,2 could be commence sentence.How sure are you of the O in the first word?
Question Author
baitress, the O in the first word comes from a 3 letter answer to - Duke in Old English song. I thought D for duke in OE for Old English. Any other thoughts? Andy
ACB312 could it be compound sentence as you originally suggested? I think that go to pen means prison don't you?
Question Author
Go to pen as in penitentiary? Seems reasonable.. That leaves me with 14 down - Judge of 4 or 5 o'clock. (8) I've got _P_I____. And 15 down - Ran stripped or striped (8) _E_E____. Thanks again. Andy
15d looks like streaked. check your first E
Question Author
My first E is suspect - I had a tentative answer there - I'll go with your answer and run from there. Thanks again. Andy

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The Herald (Glasgow) Wee Stinker 15/9

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