something badley witten on offical form

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manxbiker | 16:02 Mon 07th Jul 2008 | Quotes
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have you ever come across something written on an offical for that you have thought they could of worded that better i.e. we have just applied for planning permission to buld a high wall in back garden and in the accomping notes it said Quote "You need permission to have an erection in your garden" thought they could have worded it betterwhat have you found


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lol... they could have definitely worded that better!!

its not so much written badly, so much as mispelt, you'd have thought that official forms would be proof read before they get sent out and printed etc!!
There is no misspelling in the quotation from the planning department, though there are at least half a dozen mistakes of grammar, punctuation, spelling and things that are just wrong in the rest of it. I read something very similar in a newspaper recently, so I believe that this item should have been posted on the Jokes page.

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something badley witten on offical form

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