Woof or wolf

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Darbiphan | 15:18 Wed 31st Oct 2012 | Quotes
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Can somebody please end a dispute. Is the correct expression for eating something quickly to:
"Woof it down" or
"Wolf it down" ????

Many thanks!


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wolf it down. eat as fast as a wolf
Wolf it down( from the way a wolf eats)
Wolf it. You are not barking at the food! It could be called 'dog it' judging by most dogs, but wolves are more dramatic and fierce in eating because finding prey is such a chance happening for them and so each individual gets the most they can, as fast as they can, when they can; they wolf it down.
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Cheers Guys, that's brilliant. I'm pased to say on this occasion I was right!
Definitely wolf. Woofing would be the doggy equivalent of talking with your mouth full - very bad manners
obviously its wolf as woof makes no sense at all that is mearly one way to express the noise a animal makes such as a dog.
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Woof or wolf

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