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Chelsea tractors, etc.

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AndiFlatland | 22:36 Fri 19th Mar 2010 | Phrases & Sayings
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The term Chelsea Tractor has become widely accepted in the last few years as a derogatory term for those horrid, monster 4x4s that clog up the streets nowadays.
A few weeks ago, I heard Frank Skinner refer to the electronic tags fitted to the legs of prisoners under house arrest as Peckham Rolex.
I'm wondering how many of these terms have emerged over the last few years.
We have for many years had the Camberwell Carrot - a large, tapered joint.
A few weeks ago, I had one of my cats microchipped, and I now tell people she's fitted with a Battersea i-Pod.
Perhaps fitting into the same category would be the Bombay Duck (an Indian fish dish), the Mexican Wave, the Sloane Ranger, the Essex Girl, and possibly Air Guitar.
Anybody got any more to add to the list?


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the Mexican wave emerged when the 1986 world cup was held there (though other people may have tried it out earlier), so that's really just a straight geographical name.
French Letters
Ooooops - just re-read your question and realised that ones probably too old, sorry.

How about Lebanese Loops (devices inserted into ATMs for fraudulent purposes).
Spanish screwdriver? (a hammer).
The Glasgow Kiss!
Chelsea face lift - Woman with long hair tied back really tight.
Question Author
Canary 42, thanks for that one - no, it's not too old, but I'm happy to be reminded of another that fits the pattern. I've not heard of Lebanese Loops,
Dundurn, I think I've heard the term Glasgow Kiss before - but can you give me a definition?
Perhaps some of you would like to invent your own ones, and post them here? There must be a million things that hack you off about the world today. Invent a derogatory term for them!
glasgow kis s = a headbut!
Question Author
Ah yes... I think I've heard Jerry Sadowitz use that one!!
Denver Boot .... A wheel clamp
Label Tart - a slave to designer labels ( usually male)
Brixton Briefcase = big Radio/cd player, also known as a Ghetto Blaster.
Question Author
Hope this isn't too old to get some more attention...
Just found another one:
Norfolk mountains = speed bumps
Good one!!!
Anybody got any more since I posted this a couple of years ago?

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Chelsea tractors, etc.

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