"come, shup!" how do you say it?

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mormess | 13:42 Wed 21st Feb 2007 | Phrases & Sayings
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I'm producing and audio book and have come across this sentence: "Come, shup. Come, shup. Come, shup. Shepherd's ready for another pair." The characters are dipping sheep, in case you're wondering! The book is by Margaid Evans and set in 1850 in the border country between England and Wales.

I'm wondering how it should be read?


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As you read it - the phrase means 'put the next pair of sherrp through the dip'. It's abreviation is caused by the constant repetition, which often shortens phrases, or words - as in this instance.

You should place equal emphisis on each word, think of it as the way you would call a pet dog to you, and say it that way.
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Wow, what an answer! Many thanks!
You are most welcome.
The shepherd is hurrying the sheep along and encouraging them by saying "come sheep, come sheep".
its a bit like this newspaper vendors who have said the word, say, 'echo', so often it mutates into just a noise like 'ehur', 'ehooo' or 'errrr'
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I shall go back and get into the mind of a shepherd! Thanks! In Cardiff, we have vendors selling Western Mail and Echo - what they say sounds like "barneygoo"!

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"come, shup!" how do you say it?

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