Silver/ruby Wedding

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mayennaise | 23:27 Thu 21st Mar 2013 | Phrases & Sayings
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Why do people refer to their wedding anniversaries as a Silver/Ruby/Gold/Diamond WEDDING? It is the ANNIVERSARY of the day they got married! It drives me mad!! and makes me want to SHOUT!!!!!


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Its just that fact that they call them their 'whatever wedding' rather than 'whatever wedding anniversary' I can understand the abbreviation when speaking but when its written.....we have just received a very posh invitation to a do and on the front in very large letters it says Ruby Wedding!! Gggrrrrr!
On the basis that you will only ever have one Silver/Ruby/Golden wedding is it really a problem?

I think the use of 'anniversary' is superfluous as you are celebrating an event which occurs once a year and some are more remarkable anniversaries than others.

Sorry but you can't have much tolerance about things in life if a petty thing like this makes you want to SHOUT !
Watch the News, loads of IMORTANT things going on in the WORLD if you want something worth SHOUTING about !!
Drives you mad I wonder ????
Question Author
Perhaps I used the wrong phrasing when I first posted - the SHOUT comment was because I had used uppercase to type the word and I thought using uppercase when texting or typing indicated something being shouted! It was meant to be a bit tongue in cheek. It is really only a minor life irritation - sorry for having a sense of humour!!
These are the same people that say "Valentine's Day" instead of "St Valentine's Day" and "o'clock" instead of "of the clock"!!

What is the world coming to!!

I don't think it demonstrated you have a sense of humour, it came across as very intolerant.

That's the risk of writing things down, we can't see your face as you write it :-)
It is really only a minor life irritation.

So why post the question? I sense a bit of backpedaling.

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Silver/ruby Wedding

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