Silver/ruby Wedding

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mayennaise | 22:27 Thu 21st Mar 2013 | Phrases & Sayings
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Why do people refer to their wedding anniversaries as a Silver/Ruby/Gold/Diamond WEDDING? It is the ANNIVERSARY of the day they got married! It drives me mad!! and makes me want to SHOUT!!!!!


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I'd suggest a spot of therapy if something so trivial gets to you so much. Try cutting out caffeine. Seriously!
Yeah... and don't get me started on the anniversary of their birthday being refered to as their birthday!!!
So they don't do it for the first 24 years and not for another 15 after that? Cut them some slack!
Genuinely, I am confused.

I don't get why you would be "so mad"? That's just what people call it.

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Just put anniversary on the end of it and then you wouldn't have to go mad. Silver Wedding Anniversary, for instance. Oh well, never mind, doesn't really matter. In any case, you won't get very many such anniversaries in the future, so why worry.
We've just celebrated our New York WEDDING. Formerly known as Silver. When people say silver wedding, it's short for silver wedding anniversary. Dear me.
Er... I thought it was just short for the 'full title' too?

Mayennaise, you've been getting "mad" over nothing, all this time!
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You've got it on the brain tonight!

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How many years is beer anniversary?

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I just naturally take it that when someone says 'it's our Golden Wedding' next week that it is the anniversary of.... just a lazy way of speaking I suppose. No need to get ones knickers in a twist. What makes me smile is when someone says 'it's my wedding anniversay' as if they've managed it on their own, instead of saying 'our' anniversary.
'ecky thump.
I think its nice to let people know its a special anniversary. Staying together for all those years is a tribute to them. I bet it wont happen much in future generation as some couples dont work at making it work and take the easy way out, divorce. And some dont even bother getting married at all !! Im proud thats its OUR ruby wedding anniversary in 2014 and will celebrate in style
I think it is a trend from many years about married lives.

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Silver/ruby Wedding

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