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sunflower68 | 23:21 Fri 22nd Apr 2005 | Phrases & Sayings
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I  am looking for  some basic conversational urdu words (phonetically-written please).  We work with a lovely 15yearold autistic lad who doesn't say much, but what he does speak is in urdu, his family's language.  Thanks!


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sunflower68 - I don't know any Urdu words - but thought your question was a very caring one - good luck.
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awww....shucks smudgy. x
I second smudge's comment, here's a website that might help

d'oh its been a long week, forgot to add the link

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You are clever Woof. I did go on line but had nothing as good. Thanks.

tea keye =OK.   tom = you.  bola = speak.  malum = understand.  sahib = sir.  memsahib = her.  kishwastee = why?  kidder = where?  mucking = butter.  cheeny = sugar.  bibby = girl.  kidder jigerhigh = where are you going?  boat = very.  crab = bad. 

These are 'barrack-room' urdu - picked up during 39.45 war.  Good luck. 

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Thanks Peter.  Have written them down ready for a go tomorrow.  I can't help thinking and I hope you excuse my curiosity but did you yourself use these words during the war?

here some urdu

Kya hal hai- How r u?

Kya chal raha hai aaj kal?- whats new?

Kuch Nahi- Nothing

Aap ka naam?- Whats your name?

Mera naam ______ hai- My name is _____

Aap se mil kar khusi hai- Nice to meet you

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