Latin translation of "...tough get going"

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jsacore | 21:37 Tue 02nd Aug 2011 | Phrases & Sayings
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I would like to know a latin translation of the phrase, "when the going gets tough, the tough get going". I am aware that it will not be possible to directly translate it, but I would be interested in something along similar lines.


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Angustiae creant fortitudinem.
That means "Troubles create resolve" which expresses the thought of your words at least.
My advice to you however - based on past experience of questions involving Latin on AnswerBank - is to check with an 'expert' WHATEVER answer(s) you get here...including mine, especially if this is to be inscribed or tattooed somewhere! For example, if your local secondary school has a Classics Department or even just a solitary Latin teacher, try to get a response from him/her. An alternative is to approach a local Catholic priest.
If someone suggests an online translation site, I'd treat that with even more care than answers here. They are generally much too vague or even ridiculous, unless you are quite knowledgeable about the language in any case and can check them.
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Thanks for the help monster. Although your advice is very poignant, it's not for a tattoo or anything along those lines!

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Latin translation of "...tough get going"

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