Parking in the Wild West

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marval | 20:19 Sun 17th May 2009 | Jokes
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A cowboy had been in the saloon for a long time and decided that it was time, once again to head for the hills. He walked through the swing doors and immediately noticed that his horse had disappeared from the rail.

"OK" he said, re-entering the crowded bar "I'm going to have one more drink and if my horse isn't back by then, the same thing will happen here that happened in Dodge City."

With that, several of the cowboys ran out of the saloon and within minutes, one had returned to tell him that they'd found his horse for him. As he turned to leave, the bartender stopped him.

"Excuse me stranger," he said, "but what happened in Dodge City?"

The cowboy replied: "I had to walk home!"


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That is soooo old, but still makes me giggle!

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Parking in the Wild West

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