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story_teller | 08:23 Fri 23rd Feb 2007 | Jokes
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a man goes to his local dog racing track after a row with his wife....he is a compulsive gambler and is betting heavy on every race.....he looks in his pocket and sees he only has �20 pound left feeling down on his luck he sits on the steps and ponders the next race when he hears a voice that says back the 4 dog he looks round but no-one is there he puts his last �20 on the dog and it wins @4-1 he picks up his �100 and looks at the next race again a voice says back the 3dog he looks round and sees a little puppy he picks the puppy up and puts it in his pocket and puts his �100 on the 3 dog and it wins @5-1 this goes on for the rest of the race meeting and the man leavs with �6000 he says 2 the pup you have saved my life im gonna treat you 2 a massive steak the biggest money can buy.......

so he goes 2 a resturant and orders a meal for himself and a steak for the puppy when the bill comes the man says 2 the waiter ill bet you �1000 my puppy can speak the waiter says ok your on....the man says 2 the pup speak puppy speak ....the puppy dont say a word again he says speak puppy again not a the man pays the waiter ....upon leaving the resturant the man says why didnt you speak

the puupy says dont be a mug we will go back tomorrow and get 3-1!!!!!!!!


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very clever storyteller

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you will like this one

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