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Canary42 | 22:41 Sat 14th Mar 2020 | Jokes
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Breaking news: The World Health Organisation has determined that dogs cannot catch the Corona Virus Disease Covid-19 so all dogs that have previously been quarantined are now being released. So let’s make that clear - WHO let the dogs out.

A young woman was standing outside her car weeping. A soldier walks up and asks what the problem is. It turns out she's locked her keys in the car.
"Simple," says the soldier and drops his trousers, takes them off, rolls them into a ball and rubs them on the door. The door pops open.
"How did you do that?!" exclaimed the young woman.
"Easy," says the soldier, "These are my khakis."

Arnold Schwarzenegger was spotted coming out of a shop carrying a huge pile of toilet rolls and was asked where he got them. He replied, “Aisle B, back!”


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