Iconic National Tourist Attractions Being Given A Sequel

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AndiFlatland | 23:15 Sat 30th Mar 2019 | Jokes
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The London Eye is soon to be accompanied by a second big wheel, on the opposite bank of the River Thames, at the end of Richmond Terrace (which leads to Downing Street at the other end). It's going to have a Mary Poppins theme, and it'll be called The Um-Diddle-Iddle-Iddle-London Eye.

Not to be outdone, across the Atlantic the Americans have announced that they too will be building a new Statue Of Liberty. It'll be built on a small island just off the coast of California, and will feature a sculpture of an early-teenage skateboard punk with his baseball hat on sideways, holding a selfie stick with his camera phone attached. They're calling that one The Statue Of Puberty.

You heard it first here on Flatland's channel - don't ever say you don't learn anything with me.


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Thank you, lol
this made me smile lol

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Iconic National Tourist Attractions Being Given A Sequel

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