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marval | 22:22 Tue 20th Aug 2013 | Jokes
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A doctor is going round the ward with a nurse and they come to the first bed where the chap is laying half dead. "Did you give this man two tablets every eight hours?" asks the doctor.

"Oh, no," replies the nurse, "I gave him eight tablets every two hours!"

At the next bed the next patient also appears half dead.

"Nurse, did you give this man one tablet every twelve hours?"

"Oops, I gave him twelve tablets every one hour," replies the nurse.

At the next bed the patient has his feet and hands strapped to the bed. he's biting hard on a wooden spoon and his eyes are bulging out of his head.

"Nurse," asks the doctor, "did you prick his boil?"

"Oh sh!t!" replied the nurse.


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I bet she was blonde!
Sounds about right for today's NHS...............
Spot on, craft!
Ha - Hah!


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Oops Ouch

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