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Davethedog | 11:50 Thu 12th Jan 2012 | Jokes
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Welcome to Celebrity Ready Steady Cook. So Anthony, you had £5 to spend...what's in your bag?"

'Organic chicken, langoustines, rice, stock, wine, scallops, onions, garlic, stilton, brie, goats-cheese and 3 bottles of Cava and a bottle of Blue Nun and I have £2.74 left over' -


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Thats mean, amusing but mean!
Hate the programme, but love the joke.
Dave, should it not be, Ready Steady Crook??

Just a quick question. Why is it titled AWL, surely it should be AWT after Anthony Worrall Thompson??
AWL - Anthony Worral Lightfingered.....
Whoa....that's not my avatar...!!!!
The gremlins are about, my avatar changed the other day from my 'Foxy' to
an insect of some sort.

Come on, chaps - Blue Nun would be an even more serious crime...
Question Author
Significantother the phone rang distracted :-)
George V is back baby!
Best AWT joke I've seen.

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