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youngmafbog | 15:49 Mon 14th Feb 2011 | News
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Convicted heroin dealer Like Welsh-Pinnock (yes spelt right) is planning to sue the Old Bill for breaching his oooman rights after they put his mugshot on name and shame leaflets.

And in Scotland prison Bosses had to say sorry to a con caught with drugs in his cell - because they strewthced the rules during the search.

Now I know we inheritted this debarcle from Noo labour but how long before we get some common sense back ?


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I was pinched for speeding and my name was in the paper. So my human rights were violated on at least two accasions. So I should have a good case for sueing both the police and the newspaper. Maybe the magistrate as well for his totally unjustified remarks.
Links would be good, as would proper English so I can understand you.
heres the drug dealer story
Oh for heaven's sake - his name is Luke, not Like.
He can try to sue, doesn't mean he'll succeed.
Well why not.. these people are human after all and they deserve to be treated as such..we don't live in the dark ages any more do we..
Don't normally disagree but I have to say that anyone selling drugs forgoes their human rights IMO

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Another right Con

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