Is our children's education suffering?

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anotheoldgit | 14:13 Wed 02nd Feb 2011 | News
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Well it seems it took an ex-soap opera star to make the government take notice about the huge numbers of knife and gun crimes in London.

Perhaps what is needed now is a 'Right' thinking celebrity to short this mess New Labour left us with?


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Was that the correct link?
"to short this mess" - did your education suffer!?
Ha, sorry, had to!!
The link works for me - however, there's no mention of an ex-soap opera star in it. Also the story relates to immigration rather than gun and knife crime.

Think the link might be pointing to a different story than intended.
I didn't say it didn't work. just questioning if AOG had posted the correct link, because as you say it seems to have to relevance to the question.
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To anyone who can't tie the link about the migration squeeze on schools, and my first paragraph, please see my previous question,

'Perhaps ex-soapstars would be better left, to come up with the answers?'

That's enough of the diversionary remarks, please get back to the debate in question?
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Is our childrens' (note the correct position of the apostrophe) education suffering?

Judging by the high numbers of children getting top grades in their GCSE and A Levels, probably not.

However, the only way to tell for sure is to look at the exam results for a selection of failing schools, both those with a high number of immigrant children and those without. Then you'd need to track back (say) 15 years to discover trending results.

I don't think any of us have time or the resources to do this.
^^^ “Judging by the high numbers of children getting top grades in their GCSE and A Levels, probably not.”

It is wishful thinking and illogical to presume that within a generation, our children have experienced an extraordinary leap in their collective intelligence. There is a very good reason that more and more of them are achieving exceptional grades... and their intelligence (as a group) has nothing whatsoever to do with it.
Britain is no longer a decent place to bring up children. You have only to watch the TV program every morning where British families make the choice either to go to Australia or New Zealand.

The grass may always appear greener to some people but what you see is a low crime rate, school classes of 15 or less, healthy outdoor living and jobs that pay a decent salary.

Where did it all go wrong?
Question Author
We all know but aren't allowed to say it.

It is not that we have been made a better and more prosperous country.

Hell the peoples of these tiny Islands built up a World-Wide Empire, started the Industrial Revolution which in turn made us the manufacturing leaders of the world. All this ourselves, and we didn't need any help from abroad.

Yet now we are slowly becoming a 'Third World Country'

We are now back to your question rov 'where did it all go wrong'
Third world country?

Guess which country has the fourth largest economy in the world.

I'll give you a clue...

Its the United Kingdom.

By the way...put 'australia social problems' into a Giigle search...!

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