Children of faIled Asylum seekers let out of detention

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rov1200 | 12:13 Thu 16th Dec 2010 | News
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Previously asylum seekers and their children were kept in secure places like Yarlswood. A new ruling out today will allow the children to be taken away from their parents and housed in private accommodation.

Is this an humane way to tackle the problem of children incarcerated?

Will it be a method for asylum seekers to get round immigration restrictions? We know from past experience children have been despatched to the UK for families to gain entry!


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the law on immigration is an ass Rov, to anser your question, of cause loopholes will be used for thes people to come into the country, how can it not? when they have a child/childern here, what will happen next, a birth explosion of immigrant children?
Nothing should suprise us now but also on the theme of immigration, on the News, a failed Aysylum seeker who left a dead 12 yr old girl by the roadside after an accident, has been given permission to stay in the UK!!!!
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This must be the story you are referring to Bobbisox
These Asylum seekers detention centres are not exactly concentration camps, if our prisons are anything to go by.

The best place for children is with their parents, we had enough of parting children from their parents during WW2, some were traumatised all their young lives, by being separated from their parents.

How do they get here in the first place, I would have thought they would have to apply for asylum at the nearest British Embassy in their own country, or the nearest safe country?

That way we would not have a problem, only with illegal immigrants, and then they and their families having gain illegal access into the country should not receive any special treatment.
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Here again Clegg shows his credentials! Go soft on illegal asylum seekers but condemn English teenage students to a life of debt paying for their education.
Four months . . . .four lousy months for killing a 12-year-old.

And he has been caught driving while disqualified AGAIN since.

Justice - bah humbug.
I absolutely agree DE
I agree DE, I was absolutely gob-smacked when I saw that on the news. Where is the Human Rights of the father not to kick that mans backside.
'Gran - did you say MAN?

Words are scarce to describe such a despicable individual.

PS: The judge needs his backside kicking too.
The reason why these children are kept locked up with their parents is so UKBA know exactly where the whole family is.
These people will do absolutely anything to avoid being deported and quickly get to appreciate all the tricks they can employ once the last of the appeals process has been exhausted. Stripping themselve naked at airports, injuring themselves deliberately - you name it you've tried it.
UKBA has to spend huge resources on ensuring the co-ordination of every facet of their removal on a specific day, by a specific flight, facilitited by a specific airline. If the kids aren't with parents, there is a greater probability of the process getting fouled up, then UKBA has to start over again.
The law is an ass and the judges keep failing to remember who pays their salaries.
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You're right Buildersmate, most of these asylum seekers have got into Britain illegally and seem smarter than those trying to expel them. A pilot study has already shown that where the families were separted they only managed to expel just 1 family out of hundreds.
The asylum seeler was Iraqui - haven't we spent money and lives to make it safe to send him back there?

And what would happen to an Englishman who killed a 12 year old in Iraq? Would he get a silly sentence and be kept for life at the Iraqui taxpayer's expense?
No, no, you don't understand Venator.
All one has to do is renounce Islam, state that Israel is the best thing since sliced bread, then one has a ready-made reason why one can claim that one would be persecuted back home.
Here's a useful question: when is an economic migrant not an economic migrant? - when a High Court Judge looks at the case.

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Children of faIled Asylum seekers let out of detention

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