Gordon Brown Quits

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Davethedog | 17:03 Mon 10th May 2010 | News
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Good I think


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So the party that came 3rd has won.
Very strange...
It now seems that the party that came third is calling the shots. What a mess. This sort of confusion would result every time if PR were adopted.
The electorate wont tolerate a Lab/Lib Dem coalition - surely there'll have to be another general election.
Sqad ...

Brighton Pavilion did not vote Independant.

Brighton Pavilion voted Green Party !
JJ..I me, that IS Independent.
Labour and the Lib Dims, 2 cheeks of the same elbow.
sqad ...

It shows the independance of thought and mind that is typical of this fine town of ours.
JJ and the result is National Political chaos.....well done.

The Green candidate will certainly now line up with Labour.

Well played.
Hey ... don't give me a hard time ... I didn't vote Green !
No,he is a leader and not a poser
Does anyone really want a return of the Conservatives? Back to Maggie Thatchers days?Admittedly they did increase spending on defence and law and order but they cut the resources on industry and housing ! A million council houses sold off ,nationalized assets sold to private investors,local and central government services privatised or 'contracted out'.Taxation shifted from direct to indirect , high unemployment and the Trade unions weakened. Anyway-enough of my ramblings. Gordon Brown has said that he will stand down because apparently Nick Clegg did say that that would be the only way that he,Clegg, would hold talks with the labour party. Personally I think the whole thing is a fiasco and whichever way Clegg goes it will be disaster for the U.K.

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Gordon Brown Quits

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