Gordon Brown Quits

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Davethedog | 17:03 Mon 10th May 2010 | News
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Good I think


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At last!When was he going to get the message that he was not liked.He wasnt even elected!
He has not quit.
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He is going in October but an election will take time and don't forget the poor MP's have to have thier 3 month Summer holiday
Are the BBC pretending it's not happened yet?
He has given an indication that he will quit in September - still a long way off!!!
I tell a lie he has resigned as party leader...........
The price of a pact with the lib dems methinks mr Mandelson has probably been busy behind the scenes It appears we will live in interesting times for a while yet
does this mean Cleggy will now go with Labour?
and the Milliband brothers will fight it
Good for the labour party.

It seems these days a prime criteria for being PM is being photogenic and being liked.

We truely are in the Pop Idol world aren't we? at the risk of sounding old fashioned perhaps we should let Simon Cowell arrange the next General election
Will the LIb-Dems find the Labour Party a more attractive potential partner now that Brown's sacrificed himself?
A problem these days is that so many people seem to think that we have a presidential-style democracy and the leaders' debates only reinforced that misconception.
god - i go to sleep for half an hour....about time! x
Great ...

So we end up with a coalition of

... the "losing" party, and

... the "even more losing" party, headed up by

... a leader for whom nobody has voted.

And we think Zimbabwe is undemocratic ???
Does anyone actually believe that GB would keep to his word?
It would have to be called the "Losers' Alliance"
jj has a point - does gb think he can salvage any kind of face for the labour party by resigning as a) we will still have an undemocratically elected leader and b) labour have been embarrassed enough without the likes of milliband hovering for the top job (ewww!) or someone with the surname balls...all you need to add to that is 'up' and you have the correct term for the current proceedings...x
A "Losers' Alliance" that 64% of the population voted for.
JJ absolutely correct....a Government made up of "losers"

I hope all those gits including Brighton Pavilion who voted for Independents are now happy.
it is a shame when such a well loved and nice person like him has to stand down :)

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Gordon Brown Quits

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