Sport Relief: How much hard cash do the celebrities give?

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birdie1971 | 01:07 Sat 20th Mar 2010 | News
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Sport Relief: How much do the celebrities give?

Watching tonight's Sport's Relief (and donating!), I couldn't help but wonder just how much some celebrities give out of their own pockets. Robbie Williams came on a did a couple of songs (badly in my opinion); I remember reading a couple of years ago that he signed an £80 million record deal. I also read that Davina McCall (one of tonight's hosts) earned £1.25 million for each series of Big Brother (which ran for 10 years).

I'm sure you can all think of other wealthy celebrities.

So my question is – Do you think that celebrities consider that giving their time and pleading for our money is enough?


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Actually, I've probably posted this in the wrong section. It should have gone in the TV section. Apologies everyone.
Either way...

There are loads of celebs that donate without publicity. Some do it out of the kindness of their own heart and do not want it reported in the red tops.
I understand that the Beckhams for instance, have particular charities which they regularly fund, but they don't make a big thing of it.
As does Simon Cowel..
robbie williams once earned £1 million to sing for one hour to 300 guests at a birthday party, and donated all the money to charity.

he also established his own charity, Give It Sum, in 2000 to help young people in the area he grew up – stoke-on-trent. he regularly visits the projects the charity is involved with, and donates heavily to help them achieve their needs


Read more: http://www.looktothes...illiams#ixzz0ifig4ov7
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Fair enough. I genuinely didn't know about Robbie Williams' £1 million donation Ankou. Wow! He's suddenly shot up in my estimation!
Donated 1 hours wage?
If I did that would the public consider me a saint?
How much of that is genuine or PR do you think?
he probably doesn't get that much *every* hour he's awake, Henkel. If you spent an hour queuing to buy a lotto ticket, and you won a million, and you donated that to charity, you'd be pretty saintly. Think you could do it?
Irrelevant jno, the question was do these multi millionaire celebs do enough to support worthwhile charities when they contribute a token amount of their enormous wealth (for PR) whilst urging the hard up public to empty their pockets.
The point of tonight's show is the time they give, and let's be honest, how many of us would do the same? I find it astounding the lengths they go to for their causes.And I suspect, the wealthiest give privately, especially the one's who have witnessed first hand the harrowing conditions here and abroad.
million from Robbie - that should buy him a gong; Sir Robert Williams.......hmmmm :(
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Dya mean Opera? or Oprah?
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Smart1 - “The point of tonight's show is the time they give, and let's be honest, how many of us would do the same?”

So you're suggesting (as my original post postulated) that the very wealthy give their time but not their actual cash?

“And I suspect, the wealthiest give privately...”. You can suspect all you like. I propose that as a percentage of monies earned, the very wealthy give less than the man in the street.
I always wonder, how much is actually taken before the Charities get the £££
We do not know if the the celebrities give money and if they do, how much.

Your question is based purely on guesswork and jealousy.

I suspect that as in the general public, there are some very generous celebrities, and some miserly ones.

But all that is beside the point of these Charity Events. They are national days donating. The aim is to get a small amount out of as many people as possible, not a wealthy few.
Henkle, *your* question was whether the public would consider you a saint if you gave an hour's pay, and that's what I was answering.
The question that has to be asked is "how much of the money raised actually reaches who or what it is raised for"?
Well said,AOG,I always wonder that myself.

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Sport Relief: How much hard cash do the celebrities give?

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