Will Cameron and Ulster Unionists wreck N. Ireland peace deal?

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Gromit | 11:35 Tue 09th Mar 2010 | News
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Cameron might need the Ulster Unionists in the event of a hung parliament. The UU and Tories now seem determined not to accepted the deal which was brokered in January. Cameron appears to be putting his own party's political expediency first, at the risk of derailing the N. Ireland power sharing agreement.

// The former US president George Bush has made a direct plea to David Cameron to support the Northern Ireland peace process, amid widespread concern in the US about the Tories' new electoral pact with the Ulster Unionists. //

Is he strong to stand up to Bush and Clinton or very niave?


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Just exposes more Tory muddle really. God help us if they get in.

// There was discord inside the Stormont parliament after the Conservatives' allies in Northern Ireland, the Ulster Unionists, and their 18-strong assembly team, voted against the move.

The party's stance puts Cameron in a difficult position: he is in favour of the devolution of justice to Belfast, but his electoral pact with the UUP risks exposing him to criticism that a Conservative government could not claim to be an "honest broker" when there are disagreements between the parties at Stormont.

Cameron acknowedged "We want to move Northern Ireland politics forward – to focus on the issues that affect people in their everyday lives – rather than remaining stuck in the past. //

So that is clear then, judge Cameron on his acts rather than his soundbites.
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Sorry, the above quotes were from this news report

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Will Cameron and Ulster Unionists wreck N. Ireland peace deal?

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