Mentally ill killer escapes from SECURE hospital

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VHG | 10:06 Tue 09th Mar 2010 | News
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" A mentally ill killer has escaped from a SECURE hospital in north London. On 8 January, Fida Mohammed Utmanzi, 20, was detained indefinitely for the manslaughter of Rasool Khan, stabbed to death in Tottenham in March 2009".

This is obviously some definition of SECURE that I have never heard before.


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Medium SECURE....
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>Medium SECURE....

Well it nice to know that mentally ill murderers are being held in MEDIUM secure units.

Makes you wonder who goes in SECURE units.
It always has happened and it always will

Remember this?


And this was Parkhurst!
I've heard people also escape from prisons, though they too are meant to be secure. It happens. Nothing is perfect.
I remember back in 1984 during school hours a prison bus driver was overpowered enroute to Parkhurst whilst driving through our town. The teachers had to inform the pupils to be vigilant. It certainly made the walk home more exciting!

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Mentally ill killer escapes from SECURE hospital

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