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Will Tony Blair and Gordon Brown tell the truth at the Chilcot enquiry?

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AB Editor | 20:13 Fri 22nd Jan 2010 | News
25 Answers
With both the current and former Prime Ministers intending to give evidence at the Chilcot enquiry, do you think they will be truthful?

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  • Neither will tell the truth. - 41 votes
  • 87%
  • Yes, they will both tell the truth. - 6 votes
  • 13%

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Rov1200 - “Maybe his [Blair's] only crime is the lack of judgement. At least he [Blair] should have the decency to admit it!”

You've inadvertently sandwiched the word “Blair” and the word “decency” together...

I think you'll find that's an oxymoron ;-)
I don't think he is lying during his evidence. He seems to be contradicting himself at points and is showing himself to be the adamant, stubborn Blair he was whilst in power. The type of guy who constantly and forcefully argues his points until he gets his way? His defence seems to be that his actions were justificable because at that time he perceived a national risk (that risk is one of the issues at the crux of this). Although I thought he started nervously he is holding well and at times finding his old self.
finding his old self Seadragon...........if he's nor careful he'll slither threw his own fingers......
As both Blair and his wife are barristers, I'm sure they have been scouring case-law and precedent for examples of where when what is said is as mendacious as is possible without constituting actual 'lying'.

Remember Clinton and "what 'is' is ?"............
If we try to examine this conflict at the micro level Blair will win hands down. He can dodge and weave, pretend the war is legal, say the 2nd resolution is not necessary and revert back to 1441 to justify his actions.

But look at the bigger picture. The country is in chaos, Al qaeda have a foothold there, a civil war between the Sunnis and Shias, a resurgent Iran and a breakdown of relations in Britain between the religions.

This could have all been avoided if the inspectors had been allowed to finish their work, smart sanctions continued, allowed more food and medicines in for the Iraqi people.

Blairs laegacy is for a more divergent unstable world. His ego has been satisfied though.

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Will Tony Blair and Gordon Brown tell the truth at the Chilcot enquiry?

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