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edlington brothers

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packardbell | 22:37 Fri 22nd Jan 2010 | News
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so many of this underclass exists in this country it's frightening!. there are hundreds of thousands of them, breeding like rabbits, and claiming the resultant benefits. they never intend to work, have no morals or conscience, and just take. Time for all prospective parents to need a licence to have kids, we just cannot go on letting these scum breed.


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But remember....some people make it good.
And why are films like Chucky allowed to be circulated freely when they have been found to have been behind children committing murder, and now fearful attacks on other children.
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maybe one in a hundred and i'm being optimistic there i think...future governments have got to crack down on these sort of people.
What i wonder is, there are thousand upon thousands of kids who have a similar background to these boys, some of whom get into some level of trouble and a few who commit these sorts of crimes, so what makes the difference? Expert on the news this morning said that there are no more of the tiny minority that commit these awful offences now than there ever has been. Whilst there has always been poverty and bad parents, i agree that I think it is worse now than it was, the working class has been replaced to an extent with the benefit class. Maybe there are more of the general trouble makers than there was, but the extreme few has remained the same so i don't think it is only the background that is the problem, there must be something else.
Yes Annie, and part of that something else could be the diet of filth and pornography that is fed to youngsters in recent years and so they see this as normal and so lose any respect for other human beings.
They live by example but some of these kids do alright.
I agree grasscarp, but that hasn't always been about and these things still happened in the past at a similar level to now so I still feel there has to be something else. As ummmm says, some of these kids do alright, some do really well as they have a strong motivation to do better than their parents did, some go on to repeat their parents behaviour and or commit offences to various degrees and the tiny minority commit these terrible acts. I would be interested to know why these kids are different. Is it the level of disfunction in the home, the extremes of violence, the genetics, particular behaviours or events or just a tragic combination of all of these? The better we understand these things, hopefully the better we get at preventing them and protecting all of society's children.
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The two brothers probably 'suffer' from reactive attachment disorder. I'm not in any way excusing their behaviour but it would explain their complete lack of empathy and their sadistic natures.
Years ago they tried an experimental of placing problem families in better class areas,
like most of these liberal thinking social engineering experiments, it didn't work.

Now we must try more draconian measures, that is to say group these problem families all together.

The councils and social services would then give these areas close supervision. i.e. housing services could then carry out periodic checks on their properties to make sure they were being maintained to certain standards, and social services could carry out checks to make sure that the children were being properly cared for.

All this would leave the more conciousness and peace loving social housing tenants to bring up their children in more befitting environment.

" these problem families all together..." Doesn't society do this already, in sink estates?
/// MrsThatcher`s legacy to the nation is still thriving. What a wonderful woman. The creation of an underclass was a price worth paying, or was it? ///

I wonder how long it would take for someone to place the blame squarely on Baroness's Thatcher's shoulders.

Didn't we have an underclass years before she was born even?
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AOG...they have been doing that in Northampton for years. Trying to keep them all together. Anyone evicted from a council house close to town is rehoused in an estate out of town. That's become a sink estate in parts but the council areas nearer the town are gradually getting nicer and nicer.
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I think this is a little unfair, I am sure that their are many decent people who are unfortunate enough to have no other option but to reside on these estates.

I must admit however most of them are of a more advanced age, who have lived on these estates, way before the 'couldn't care less' younger tenants where moved in.
Councils know exactly who are good tenants and who are not. I was brought up on a quite nice council estate and I always remember my mother being horrified that I was going out with someone from one of the rougher estates.......can you be a council house snob?

I am afraid you will have to wait before your Sharia law takes over in this country.
Yeah'll have to wait...pmsl.

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edlington brothers

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