contempt in court

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andres | 20:50 Mon 15th Jun 2009 | News
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why are the accused allowed to snigger and make gestures to the victim's familes as in two recent cases----(Rees Jones and Ben Kinsella.)Surely the court officials can put a stop to this deplorable behaviour. The victim's families should not have to suffer like this.


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Behaviour like this should add a year on the sentence.

If it continues add another year, and so on.

See how they like that, low life scum.
They can be held in contempt of Court but most jurisdictions in this country are so spineless, nothing ever gets done.
When the accused are facing life sentences there's little that can be done to control their behaviour in the dock.
The judge could have ordered them to be taken down to the cells while the trial continued.
In the cold light of day the realisation of what they'd done and the length of the sentences they will have to serve might have given them food for thought.. It didn't
They are drug dealers, thugs, and now convicted killers.
I hesitate to say this, but the are low-life dirt. I wouldn't spit on them.
Well Given that life rarely means life the judge could take up VHG's suggestion by informing said lowlives that he has just added nother year to his minimum time served recomendation.
What about this for a scenario. These excuses for humans are sentenced, found guilty, have their appeal, appeal fails, and then they have a date with the state executioner 3 weeks later. I wouldn't imagine there would be much sniggering.
I agree with VHG and R1Geezer. If they show contempt of court, up the minimum time served for their crimes.
life never means life anymore, such a shame. they dont deserve to be on this planet for doing such things to another person. it will also free up space in prison so we can put people back in there. maybe that will change the attitude of people who know they will be out of prison again in 2 months commiting crime.
Hi andres. I agree with you.
If they are warned and continue to misbehave I think that a gag and bit should be strapped to the face and mouth of these animals along with them being handcuffed behind their back. If they continue to misbehave with these constraints I think a swift zappp of a tazer may do the trick.
This would make it a bit harder for them to misbehave.
This should continue throughout the trial whenever they are in court ongoing.

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contempt in court

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