worth the risk?

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kinell | 13:13 Wed 10th Jun 2009 | News
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One things for sure,

I will not be taking an Air France flight to a holiday in Pakistan,

Its all about risk and reward,

Plenty of risk and no reward.


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And I bet you dont venture out of your front door - do you ?
hope you dont own a red car!
I'm worried as I am a Human Being and I hear that they die every day!!
1 million people die worldwide as a result of car accidents.

Which is the same as an Air France accident every 2 hours of every day for a year. hive/2004/05/01/automobile-deaths.aspx

You should be more frightened of getting in a car.
Neither would I, but for different reasons. I hate the French
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I can think of 228 people who most probably had at some stage when conversing with someone sceptical about air safety said "it is the safest way to travel",

Statistically that may be the case, but in aviation crashes the passengers have absolutely no control over events, at least in car accidents a significant percentage of those killed will be at personal fault.

The airlines begrudgingly have the expense of offering passengers a 'life jacket' about spending more on maintenance?

Have you ever watched 'air crash investigation'?..mmm,

Its one raffle ticket that you buy and dont want to win the prize.

Hi Kinell

I watch Air Crash Investigation and Seconds From Disaster. Since I've been watching these programs, every time I get on a plane I read the emergency info sheet religiously, check where my exits are and am generally more aware of what's going on.

My husband thinks I'm barking mad (and pessimistic!) and he says if we're going to crash why worry about it as we'll all die anyway - yep you're right, in that individual control is virtually non-existent in comparison to being caught up with, say, a car crash where you might have more control over your destiny.

But my view is, if you've got a chance to survive, albeit a slim chance, do everything you can to make that happen. If that means spending 5 minutes reading some information or being more observant and knowing a little bit about how aeroplanes operate (or don't!) then that sounds good to me. And if a plane falls out of the sky, breaks into many pieces and plummets into the sea, well, I'll be very dead indeed and that will be the end of that!

It is re-assuring to know that if you die in a car crash, it may be your fault, which softens the blow.
Wit for a couple of months for the 'other two' plane crashes, and then you'll be fine............:o)

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