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flip_flop | 09:48 Wed 29th Apr 2009 | News
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1 - Surely social services should remove these children as isn't this child abuse?

2 - Yet another ugly f e ckless chav happy to sponge off us taxpayers and pop out kids willy-nilly with any idiot foolish enough to jump them - is there an answer to curb this increasing problem?

3 - Granted we don't know what the father looks like, but, christ, why would anybody want to have a go on this pig-ugly fat disgusting smelly bloated waste of space? /Fattest-mother-feeds-babies-on-McDonalds-fast -food.html 0/30-stone-mother-feeds-baby-triplets-junk-foo d-diet--admits-McDonalds-just-months.html


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Criticise her for her lack of parental skills and general housekeeping - that is what the news item is about.

But there really is no need for personal insults - it brings any debate to a juvenile level.

I agree with Ethel. this woman has just been on GMTV and I think the story is much inflated, although she obviously needs educating.. but she has lost 11 stone herself, so she may be getting the message.

I find it outrageous that you can criticise this woman's parenting skills....after all, she knows how to use a microwave!

Seriously, and personal insults aside, if this isn't bordering on child abuse, I don't know what is. It's really sad that these kids seem to be fighting a losing battle from the start of their lives.
Question Author
Yep, OK - Q3 was a bit childish, I still maintain the theme of the Q is valid, but perhaps I shouldn't have put my personal opinion on it.

However, are you going to answer Qs 1 & 2?
Sara - Has she lost 11 stone since that photo?
'The house is full of unwashed laundry and piles of toys,
and Miss Salt says she and her babies only get dressed and go out once a week to collect her benefits.'

The toys bit sounds like me, but the rest of it is horrific. I know I'm being so judgemental, but I don't care. I've only got one so I don't know how I'd react to having triplets. Having said that, how expensive does her fast food lifestyle sound? Surely cooking from scratch would save her an absolute bundle?
why shouldn`t people like this be criticised cut her benefits in half and make her get her fat ar$e and do some work. As for Q3 flour and damp patches come to mind
I saw this yesterday.

It is a perfect example that demonstrates why this country will never prosper and why tinkering about with tax levels for high earners is simply window dressing. The Social Services budget for the coming year � even under Mr Darling�s wildly optimistic forecasts � will just about be met by the entire Income Tax and National Insurance take combined. That does not leave much for those of us who would like to see our taxes spent on something other than handouts.

This woman is given �11,800 a year and free housing. To take this amount home (ignoring the free housing) she would have to earn about �14,400pa. This is just under �8 per hour for a 35 hour week � a third more than the Minimum Wage.

There is no reason at all why taxpayers should fund her ******** lifestyle. The children should be taken into care as she is clearly neglecting, if not abusing them. She should be left to her own devices.

Ironically she lives in Coventry. Her �family� is therefore presumably cared for by the same Social Service department that last week forcibly (with police assistance) took 86 year old Betty Figg from her daughter�s home and into their �care�. Mrs Figg suffers dementia and was removed from the council�s care home by her daughter because she was deeply unhappy there.

But then I don�t suppose Mrs Figg�s daughter weighs in at 30 stone and feeds her mother regurgitated hamburgers every day, or costs the taxpayer a fortune in subsistence payments.
I don't know what's wrong with the word F E C K L E S S.
Why the hell is she chewing her babies food? They're not bloody birds.....!!! Can she not even use a masher or is it an excuse for her to eat more while pretending it's for the babies.
this girl doesn't "look the full shilling" as they say up here, it's a non-starter for those innocent babies tho', I'm sure SS will have her firmly in their sights,,,,such as they seem to be as judge said, it was they who took the old lady from her family!
Poor little mites, where is the Daddy in all of this? one can only guess! if she's on all of these benefits, we are paying for his and her stupidity!
Question Author
Joy, as is so often the case with the f e ckless underclass in the UK, this beast had unprotected sex with somebody she had met in a nightclub.

The father wants nothing to do with his children - in fact, he left 5 months into the pregnancy.

But then so what? this beast, and the rest of the scum underclass, breed for profit. They know they will receive lots of benefits because - ready - "I'm entitled to them, init"

This really really annoys me.
Question Author
In one of the reports I read she referred to herself as a 'large lady'.

Jacqui Smith is a 'large lady' - this, ahem, 'lady' is grotesquely obese.

She also says she will advise her children that 'big is beautiful', thus storing up weight and health problems for them as well.
damn have i been spelling innit wrong?
lol @ trakcab - I was thinking exactly the same
I totally agree with you flip-flop, what is the answer tho'?
We can't go on idefinatly providing for this type of lay-about
The father should be named and shamed and have a chunk of his benefits chanelled toward the upkeep of the triplets, and I have no doubt he is on benefits before anyone asks me why do assume he is, and if he isn't, why the hell are we paying for his and her bl00dy laziness?
OMG im so angry about what ive read, how on earth is she allowed to keep her children? She is slowly killing them on the diet of food that she gives them. Everyone knows that mcdonalds or any other take away as a matter of fact is bad for you and yet she feeds them to ber babies! its child abuse, plain and simple. It also bothers the hell out of me that were paying for a lazy arsed cow like her. ive got to work nearly a month to get what shes getting a week!
I beleive this is where the authorities should move in and remove those lovelybabies from this fat cow for their own good, she makes me sick looking at her, but noticibly, the scum sperm donor is keepin a low profile
yeah but i have heard she has a lovely personality.
Dear god!
This is my solution.

1. Get those children in to care pronto.

2. Line Leanne Salt up against a wall with a firing squad taking aim and give her one minute to answer the question
"What useful purpose do you serve in life?"

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