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thinner Easter eggs?

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chirpychirpy | 11:19 Mon 16th Mar 2009 | News
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I've just eaten my first Easter egg of the year so far. It was a Cadburys Dairy Milk Buttons egg. The egg itself was much thinner than any I've ever had before. Is this anyone else's experience too and, if so, does this mean the Credit Crunch is affecting the crunch of chocolate at Easter?


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Typical ploy by the chocolate manufacturers. I bet the Egg was the same size just to fool the gullible public. I know there has been a cocoa shortage and this has pushed up the price of chocolate. The bar of chocolate I normally buy has gone up from �1 to �1.50 in the space of 1 or 2 months. The ban obesity lobby must be chuckling in their dolly mixtures.
Cocoa shortage. Also supermarkets tell them they have to provide so many extra easter eggs for free to let customers have the 3 for 5 deals etc etc. They have to make their cash somewhere.
chocolate used to be a real treat now people are tucking into easter eggs weeks before easter...cough cough :P
I agree Goodsoul, I don't eat my eggs until it's actually Easter, just feels wrong otherwise.

But each to their own!
If you take the lag and the futures market when prices of cocoa were made last year leads to the current predicament 7/03/26/daily5.html?from_rss=1

More important than all of the above, what are you doing eating Easter Eggs 27 days before Easter day?
Easter Eggs have ALWAYS been terrible value for money.

The amount of choclate you get for the money you pay has always been a scandal.

Far better to buy those "fun sizw" multi packs of mars bars, maltesers etc.

Just go and see how much chocolate you get for the money in a multi pack and how much you get in an easter egg.

I have never worked it out, but bet you are paying 5 times as much for your chocolate in an Easter egg than you do in a multi pack
I used to work as a fork truck driver for Trebor and Palmer & Harvey. The chocolate that we delivered to the retailers had a sell-by-date over over twelve months but Easter Eggs had a sell-by-date of less than twelve months.

As it's the same chocolate the only reason that I can think of is to stop the unsold eggs being kept by retailers until the next Easter.
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Interesting answer, Haggis DJ. Like so many other Easter eggs I've eaten in recent years, this was pretty stale. I like chocolate from which pieces snap off, not bend off...if you get my drift. A lot of chocolate these days does not seem fresh to me.
This is a ploy on the part of the manufacturers. It is not just confined to Easter Eggs. My son bought a chocolate bar, exactly the same price but reduced from 40 grams to 32 grams. Quite likely happening to other products as well, thinking people will not notice. So prices are going up but in a crafty way.
Hardly a news question chirpychirpy.

Could you not have put this in Chatterbox, Food & Drink, seasonal or shopping?

These are news, the first light-hearted, the second non-news but still news and the third, sadly very bad news. nd-drink/news/walkers-launches-upmarket-crisp- brand-1646083.html tarrant-arrested-after-assault-claim-1645909.h tml
i've been drooling over a hotel chocolat 'extra thick' easter egg for at least a year, but i really can't justify the price for something i know i shouldn't be eating anyway! you just know they'd be oh sooo yummy too! �P
>Hardly a news question chirpychirpy.

The trouble is that the news people seem to think that "news" equates to "bad news".

If there was 30 news items in a day, 15 of them "bad" and 15 of them "good" I bet the news people would include all the 15 "bad" news items and only one or two "good" news items.

I think part of the reason we are all so grumpy and short tempered nowadays is that we are fed a diet of bad news and think the world is such an awful place.

There is loads and loads of good news, but the media rarely chooses to report it.

In think there should be two versoins of the news on TV. BBC1 should have their "normal" news, and BBC2 should have 30 minutes of just good news.

I now what I would rather watch.
Easter eggs are a total swizz.

When I were a nipper, we were dead poor, and I remember looking forward to my first Easter egg when I was about 9 (mum couldn't afford this treat before that).

I assumed the egg would be solid chocolate.

Of course, it wasn't.

The disappointment was up there with "There's no Father Christmas" and "Your dad doesn't work with James Bond, he works for Brooke Bond".
I've never bought my nephew easter eggs and virtually all of the family have cut it out now. We usually give him money now or buy a big bar of dairy milk.


Don't shoot the messenger.

If chirpie's question regarding Easter eggs getting thinner had been the headline news report.

There would have been an outcry that such trivia was being reported, when there were much more serious things happening in the world.

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thinner Easter eggs?

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