Female Pedophile

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anotheoldgit | 16:44 Tue 14th Oct 2008 | News
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Seduced or not, if this had been a man would he have also escaped a jail sentence?


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probably not..
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We here in Britain spell it 'paedophile',the Americans are more likely to use your way of spelling.
or if the child had been female?
I don't believe that a 14 year old boy loses anything by having sex with an older woman. Most young men would jump at the chance.
too damn true brionon
Brionon is spot on - at 14 I was a walking erection, and if I'd've been offered a tumble with an adult, I would have jumped at the chance.
havn't you read 'Notes on a Scandal'? by Zoe Heller. also made into a film starring Cate Blanchett and Judy Dench.

Schoolboys today don't look like schoolboys used to either.
brionon, sex with an older woman isn't such an attractive proposition when you get to my age - lol
AOG question checklist.

Immigrants, no. Blacks, no. Muslims, no. Hmm.

Ah, women. Tick.
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No, good buddy, just marvelling at the sheer predictability of it all. :-)

Young people today

Our Brave Boys
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Feel free.
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...who's preparing for a sex change instead of a career in the army.
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The only category I fall into is the Yay! one. And even that was only according to my mum.

You want to watch yourself round here. Weren't Romans immigrants from Euorpe who came over here causing trouble?

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Female Pedophile

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