Just to prove the Daily Mail and I are not bias.

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anotheoldgit | 16:10 Tue 14th Oct 2008 | News
22 Answers 1/The-jobless-couple-10-children-rake-32-000-y ear-benefits--STILL-arent-happy.html

This is one reason we don't need to import foreign scroungers when we have enough of our own.

What is the answer, how can we prevent this sort of thing happening?


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Sterelisation after child number 4??
That's disgraceful.

An nice Asian family could be living in that house, the selfish b�stards.

I need more proof than that AOG.
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I already posted a link to that story on the thread below started by cazzz1975.
Good grief what does he expect people to do, come up and shake him by the hand and tell him what a great bloke he is.
He gets enough.
Greedy begger.
We prevent it by stopping giving money out to people with no expectation of them actually having to do anything for it.

You cannot blame the people who sit on their ar5es and take the money if nobody ever makes them get a job.

1) Child benefit should be on a slding scale. So much for first child, less for second child etc. Once you get above say 4 children you only get benefts for children in special situations, not by right.

2) You can only get the "dole" for a certain length of time. You are sent for 3 interviews, and if you dont take any of the jobs your dole stops after 6 months.

There is no incentive for someone on the dole to take a job if they dont want to. Turn up late for the interview, be scruffy, be rude, and you wont get a job.

Fine if you want to be like that, but you only get the dole for 6 months then it stops.

Benefits were meant to be for people who fell through the trap door.

But now we have whole families who think it is their right to live their whole life supported by the rest of us.
I think the benefits organizations need a big shake up.

I have a close family member, and he and his wife have 5 children.

She is Dutch and they have decided to move to Holland.

She went to live their with the children 4 months ago and he is still in UK trying to sell their house.

They want to get Dutch child benefit, but the Dutch people wont pay it till it stops being paid in the UK.

He wrote to the UK benefit agency 4 MONTHS ago saying the children were no longer in the UK so could they stop paying benefits.

He has filled out forms, phoned them up, written to them.


No wonder it is so easy to fiddle benefits when they are so incompetent.
>Sterelisation after child number 4??

The problem is we need more young people in the UK so we need large families. We have an ageing population.

One of the reasons for the disasterous decision to let so many immigrants in is that they breed quicker than the "whites".

Of couse this has meant the country is now being dragged down to third world standards, but at least we are geting loads of young chldren (even if most of them are Muslim)

Glad I wont be around to see what a 5hithole this place will be in 50 years time.
I wondered what my tax was paying for.
You made your point AOT �

As far as these people are concerned then I believe this is what really damaging this society. All you have to do is kill or at least shut your subconscious up and loose your self respect and the dignity of bringing your children up with your hard earned but halal (legal) money and you will be given every thing. Your council tax, rent, every thing would be paid for.

However sooner you say that you are earning then you will not get any money plus you will have to pay for every single thing.

It is encouragement. And honestly I do not blame these people. I blame the system.
Question Author
You talk alot of sense vehelpfulguy, pity our politicians don't take some of your ideas on board. Although I did hear they may introduce this 3 offers of a job, and if you do not accept one, then you are off benefits. But I would not hold your breath.

Why 'a' (AN before a vowel) nice Asian family Gromit? Aren't you being a little racist?

Closer Magazine? A womans gossip magazine Gromit, you do read some rubbish.

An instead of a was a mistake AOG. Did you mean to write bias in your title? Shouldn't that have been biased ?

The Closer Magazine was from your link AOG. The Mail acknowledged where this 'rubbish' story was from. I highlighted the rubbish stories in Closer to make that very point.
Are you suggesting the story is not true Gromit?

Benefits should be pegged just below the minimum wage - it is a farcical situation that people can receive more money by claiming benefits than they can by working.
I love it when you snipe at people's spelling and grammar, AOG, you loveable, semi-literate oaf.
*waits for the inevitable...*
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Is it playtime already? Brill!

Anyone got any stickers?

Got, got, got, need...
Oh, and my dad is bigger than your dad.
Question Author
I thought the kid's holidays were over.

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Just to prove the Daily Mail and I are not bias.

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