Children need to have an accident

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Gromit | 10:57 Mon 12th Nov 2007 | News
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The head of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents says that a skinned knee or a twisted ankle in a challenging and exciting play environment is not just acceptable, it is a positive necessity.

"We do not believe in extremist health and safety ideas which would keep children wrapped in cotton wool." =/news/2007/11/12/naccident112.xml

So, are we more anxious as parents or has the world become more dangerous. Are our children mollycoddled or looked after better?


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Definitely agree. I go to the park with my friend our toddlers and her little girl is a very cautious little cutey, she can't climb up or down a step on her own without shaking with fear. So whilst helping her, I look around and my boy is half way over the monkey bars. Now I wouldnt mind him having a bit of fear but I don't think its a case of if he breaks his arm, its more of a when. Hurting yourself helps you learn what is dangerous and what isnt? We'll be sending out a generation of accident prone fools if we dont let them learn for themselves.
Kids need to be kids, have a bit of rough and tumble it's all part of growing up.

Pile ons, bulldog etc etc
You should see the scrapes my kids have got into.

The local A&E have a

My youngest climbs up to the highest rung on the climbing frame and a lot of the other parents say ''ooooh, watch out for your daughter'' and tut at me like I am a mad woman.

My other daughter has a lovely cracked knuckle from us playing with conkers the other week, too.
I didn't have skin on my knees for 3 years, (maybe a bit of an exaggeration), and it never did me any harm. I played Bulldogs, pile ons, fights with my brother, climbed trees, jumped in rivers and acted like something out of The Famous 5.

I firmly advocate this kind of lifestyle for kids.
Lol, Pippa. I went to play football in the cul de sac with my eldest whilst waiting for grandad to turn up and the kicked the ball right at his face, really hard. Sounds like we went to the same parenting school.
Rope swings over rivers, throwing turnips at each other, setting fire to golf courses....

those were the days
turnip throwing, I thought that was just a somerset thing!
I played on the site which was to become the M25. It was just up the road from our house and a bunch of us kids played in the mud (I swear it was sewage) and later on when the bridge was being built we slid down it with rope. We played there all day.

Those rope burns took a long time to heal!

I suppose I wouldn't go that far with MY I carry the same opinion that children need a pinch of dirt and a broken limb every now & then ;o)
My house years ago backed onto fields, woods and a golf course.

the wood was very literally on a cliff face so you would swing out on a rope swing whilst the others would stand in the farmers field below and throw an assortment of vegetables at you.
Any chance we could all play that game with you now, Reverand? I'm picking a butternut squash to throw at you.
Soulette how very rude.

Anyway ive got a giat pumpkin for you lol
falling over never hurt me, i mean i had some pretty nasty accidents as a child, but my parents always knew that if i wasn't allowed to be adventurous, it wouldn't have allowed me to learn from the mistakes. in fact i relish the fact that i was left to play and just play rather than be guarded over the slightest bump in the road, i feel im a much better person for it now!
I hear you throw like my nan, so Im not worried.
face. botherered.

I'm surprised you know what a rope swing is lol
LOL Goodie!

I reckon it is a good way of parenting ~ isn't the opposite way the reason why youngsters today cannot cope with conflict or pain?

A nation of people suing companies left right and's odious!
Hehe....when you call for me can you wear a shell suit , perleeeeeeeease!?
Sorry soulette back of the queue, Im just popping round to your nans for "coffee"

I must admit to feeling a bit guilty after a couple of years of accusing my ginger son of being overdramatic whenever he hurt himself, and then I read in a science journal that red heads have a fault on one of their genes that is to do with their pain receptors which make things lots more painful for them. So I have stopped the total tough love I was showering him with whenever he fell over.
Funny you should say that.

My ex husband is a redhead and a total wimp when it comes to pain! I used to give him chinese burns and he would cry like a baby ;o)
Im now picturing you as a mean shotputting north eurpopean, Helga style woman. You were quite attractive in my head before hand lol.

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Children need to have an accident

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