Dont knock our legal system

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Bazile | 02:38 Thu 08th Nov 2007 | News
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With our legal system ( or parts of it ...... 28 days , 56 days , or is it 250 days , you know what i'm on about ) currently being so topical , should we also be debating in parliament , the follolwing laws which has not been repealed

- Prohibition on perishing within the palace of westminster

- It is an act of treason to use a postage stamp upside down

- Women are banned from going topless in public , in Liverpool ; unless they are clerks in a tropical fish shop.
( by the way are there any women in liverpool that one would wish to see topless ?... just asking )

- it is illegal to eat a mince pie on christmas day
( courtesy of Oliver Cromwell )

- If someone needing the toilet knocks on your door in scotland , you are required to let them in

- pregnant women are allowed to pee anywhere - even in a policeman's helmet

- the head of any dead whale found on the british coast automatically becomes the property of the king , and the tail the property of the queen

- it is illegal not to tell the taxman anything you do not want him to know , but legal not to tell him information you do not mind him knowing

- it is illegal to enter the houses of parliament wearing a suit of armour

- it is legal to murder a scotsman within the ancient city walls of York , but only If he is carrying a bow and arrow ( Has anyone spotted that so unfunny Billy Connoly in york recently , carrying a bow and arrow ?)


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I had a dream last night that a bloke kept walking past me with the helmet of a suit of armour on but I couldn't ask him why.

At least I know I'll never be caught short in Scotland though.
"...a bloke kept walking past me with the helmet of a suit of armour on"

Isn't that how all men approach you? The wise ones anyway.
The wise ones don't approach me at all smart ar5e! ;0P
Official interpretations - closest I could get anyway
To dream that you are wearing an armor, symbolizes your defense mechanisms and your ways of shielding yourself from things that may hurt you.
Armored Horse
To see an armored or medieval horse in your dream, refers to your fierceness, aggression, power and/or rigidity. You may be seen as too confrontational. Alternatively, you may be trying to protect yourself from unconscious material or sexual desires that is emerging

I however have my own interpretation which is far too unsuitable for a family site
In one of the State laws in America, it it illegal to conceal a weapon if it is more than 6 foot high anywhere about your body
I'm defending my head?! What from, a migraine? Good grief....

There were no horses in armour. Thankfully.

What other interpretation could you get from that?!

Baz - I think we've gone on a bit of a tangent. Sorry.
To see a helmet in your dream, signifies that you need to keep your thoughts and ideas closely guarded
Ah. That's probably a fair point actually.
To get back on track, they all seem ridiculous enough to be true, and I'll quote them at anyone who uses the argument "it's illegal, so you deserve all you get for doing it"
Question Author
Good grief - China being fierce , aggressive , rigid and confrontational

Thats not how I picture you CD - now if you say to me , a temptress .........

Oh dear , now i'm going off on a tangent as well .
Oh Lord! I usually just wear stripey pj pants and read a lot. Not too much tempting about that!

I think it might be an idea to let the preggers ladies in family know about peeing in to a police mans helmet... it's a public service afterall.
Question Author
Now , you've gone and ruined it
Mmmmmmmmmmmmm stripey pjs
Question Author
Are they ' go faster stripes' ?
Just spotted the bit about liverpool women above - yes all of them
My 'jammie choices are nothing to do with the law!
Question Author
Really - all of them ?
and all at the same time - makes me laugh

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Dont knock our legal system

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