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PatriciaH | 19:35 Wed 26th Sep 2007 | News
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Just been on the 6 oclock news that the little girl in the paper abroad is not her .... sad news..


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must be agony for the parents a real rollercoaster of emotions............but 1 which could have been avoided.a grave error of judgement indeed.
Off course it wasen't her.

The Mc Canns knew that

Just like they know where she is now?
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So laurence YOU KNOW that do you ..... wheres the proof?
Wheres the proof that SOMEONE took maddie then patricia?

She just disappeared of the face of this earth, one of the most exposed so-called abductions ever, and nothing, not a single hair, single sighting etc etc

not a single hair? - not sure what you where you expect to a hair

not a single sighting? have you followed any of the story?

Whilst it is certainly a possibility that the McCanns killed their daughter, it is certainly only a possibility

To claim otherwise with no proof is to be incredibly stupid
I honestly didn't expect it to be. As oneeyedvic says Its only a possibility that they killed her, intentionally or not, just the same as its only a possibility that someone abducted her.

I do however have my thoughts on the subject but keep an open mind to BOTH possibilities unlike some others.

Not a single sighting of maddie {fact}

The possible sightings of her have been red herrings {fact}

its amazing what people ''think'' they see, especially if an award is on offer.

The Mc Canns can possibly dispel ex-amount of stories if they take a lie-detector test, i appreciate that lie-detector results are not 100% conclusive tho, this is probably why they apparently offered to take a test early last week, tho this idea has somewhat disappeared into the background.

I do not think we will ever get to the bottom of this tragic storey involving an innocent 3 year old girl, did i think they were involved?


Have i any evidence?


So until ANYONE comes up with any other answers, the rumour mill will continue to go around and around, people will believe that the Mc Canns are innocent/guilty, i'm afraid thats the way of life these days be it right or wrong,

Hmmm, i have said all along that the mother knows a lot more about what has gone on. i just think her husband is standing by her.
It would be nice to see the extracts from the diaries, apparently detailing the frustration they had with her...
That pic looked NOTHING like her, too young for a start, hair darker. I said yesterday morning it was a local girl with her grandmother.

I enlarged the pic yesterday and could tell it wasnt her. Bit of a coincidence that it came to light just a few days after a new PR team was appointed.
the girl in pic was a 5 year old. She did look quite little though I was amazed when they said age
On the BBC news last night they said she was 2. Sky are reporting she is 5, and the Mail say 3.

I doubt she is 5 and think that the BBC is more likely to get it right.

Either way the pic didnt look like her. More Mcbadparent propaganda.
Ooooh *ouch* Rev!

I'm with Dassie ~ hit the nail on the head, you did.
The Morocco Girl looks nothing like Madeline. The original published picture was very blurred, partially obscured and in general of such poor quality that the child could have been anyone. Further pictures have now surfaced and on those it is clear that the child is not Madeline. The pictiures were taken over 3 weeks ago.

Why did the papers run with this story? Why did they use the most misleading picture when others, that clearly showed the child was not Madeline, were taken at the same time?

This was a cruel hoax and the only motive was to sell more newspapers.
Gromit wouldnt be anything to do with the wotsits having new PR people would it.....
No, Rev, it's more to do with the newspaper editors knowing that they would shift bucket-loads more papers by publishing the photograph and the speculation...........
Bit of both.

Deliberatly grainy pic, Mcbads have new PR people, change the focus of the news deflect off them for a while
No, Reverandfunk,

The McCanns were the victim of the cruel hoax, the public were just misled.
Doesnt anyone find it the slightest bit strange that new PR people are appointed and a within days a photo taken 3 weeks ago appears.

Or is it just me? lol

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