"positive" racism

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fairkatrina | 19:40 Sun 23rd Sep 2007 | News
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Has anyone else seen that they're going to remake Love Thy Neighbour, but the black people will be affluent and cultured, and a white trash couple are going to move in next door, much to their horror. The programme directors are happy because "it will be the first true positive representation of black people on TV".

1. balls to it being a "first"
2. so you can only be racist against black people, white people cannot be discriminated against?
3. showing black people as discriminating against others, rather than being discriminated against, is a positive thing????

I'm sorry, this *really* annoys me. I hate racism in any form, but as a white person who used to live in Moss Side in Manchester (the rent was cheap!) I know white people can be discriminated against, and it's about time people worked together to eradicate racism in ALL it's forms! (Rant over!)


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well it depends if the rich black guy calls the scallie guy next door a white honky, will it not be a comedy based on snobbery rather than race? a bit like the Boswells move next door to Penelpe Keith's lady in To the manor Borm? i think it will be worth a look.
it sounds similar to the original series....the black couple were cultured and always came out on top...

although you cudnt called the white couple 'trash' they were pretty much the brunt of the joke.

(wasnt it jack smethurst ?)
As long as it goes both ways, who gives a poo.
the black couple weren't cultured but they were trendier and portrayed as younger too , he worked with the white neighbour but Nina Baden- Sempler was the more sarcastic., the wives got on well and were friends. It would work again based on cultural diferences and living standards and expectations lol
Lenny Henry will virtually rugby tackle his way to the front of the casting queue.
ah yes...your correct dot........i was only 3 at the time so cud ave got it wrong (hehe )
lol robbo ok ok!!!
when you look at it all the comedy programmes of the 70s and early 80s were racist love thy neighbour certainly and as mrrobbo rightly says the black person always came out best.rising damp was the same rigsby always gave phillip loads and was made out to be racist........and guess who was always made out to be bad yes thats right that right or wrong?is there ever a coloured person on tv portrayed as being racist?
Honestly, I'm just plain sceptical of somebody remaking Love Thy Neighbour. Especially if it's just to make a political point. The original series doesn't need remaking. It's fine (well, it's not my cup of tea personally).

Of course the white racist had to be shown to be a fool at the end of Love Thy Neighbour, Til Death Us Do Part and Rising Damp.

How else could they be portrayed? Were they supposed to come across as winners? Racists should never be seen to 'win'.

You wouldn't like to see a wife-beater get all the best lines and end up the hero, would you?

Same as with racists. They should be seen as the scum they are.

As for black racists...try The Shield...practically any episode from series two and three.

And the whole idea of remaking Love Thy Neighbour is stooopid.

One other point. There's no such thing as 'positive' racism.
Personally, I can't see why we all just can't have a laugh. I thinkt this "racism" thing has gone too far. Everyone reads racism or sexism or ageism or whatever into everything we say or do. Where has the common sense gone in this country? I thought "Love Thy Neighbour" was funny and I didn't see any racism in it.
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sp1814 that is the point there are black racists 2 but it is always the white people in these programmes that are made out to lose every situation.
I do believe this is going to be screened on channel 4, need I say more?

Except to say, Whites portrayed as second class citizens yet again.
Poor poor white people. Such a hard done to majority. That is in response to AOG and Stokemaveric.

Quite. It's rather pathetic to hear the most privilleged section of society bleating over and over how hard done by they are. l_correctness.mp3

The best defence of PC I've ever heard.

I'd much rather they just repeat Til Death Do Us Part and In Sickness And In Health, far funnier than Love Thy Neighbour.

It does seem strange that the people who start off life with every single social advantage going (white, physically able, educated) are the ones who claim that they are the oppressed minorties.

Frankly, it's like men claiming that they are the worst affected by rape.


God bless you for that link.

Blimey. I never knew that about the Conservatives in 1974.

Is that from Question Time?

I'm going to save that and popst it every time I see 'PC gone mad'.

Quite, quite, quite brilliant.

In fact, I might actually transcribe it. It sums it up perfectly.

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