red ken on the way out

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helpmetoo | 14:21 Mon 16th Jul 2007 | News
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so boris johnson is going to stand for mayor,
at last !!!!!!
livingstone has been a disaster for all londoners except the lightweight looney left lot
boris presumably will concentrate on matters london instead of being a pc plonker about issues not in his remit
vote yes for boris and a sane london!!!!!!!!


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Boris for a sane London?

Tony Blair Peace Envoy in the middle east?

Who says irony is dead

It will be an interesting contest. Boris is often portrayed as the loveable buffoon. It says a lot about the British that they would rather have a buffoon than Ken to run their capital city. I suspect the fight will get dirty though, Boris has tended to get an easy ride from the papers, but his gaffs will now be exploited mercilessly by the opposition.

Remember what happened when Jeffrey Archer was selected as the Conservative mayoral candidate?
Re: that really his natural hair colour?
Apologies helpmetoo for a this thread hijack

sp1814, have you been to 'Kylie The Exhibition'? hibitions/index.php?itemID=21


No New Year's Resolution is to become friends with La Minogue...

...and it will happen. I know someone who knows Dannii.

Look out for me in Heat magazine.
I read an article somewhere on here yesterday about Ken spending �100 million on a mosque if there is any truth in that then Boris however much of a dimwit he is sounds a sensible replacement
lovejoy, you didn't read it very well then. If you had you realise that Ken wasn't not authorising the spending of tax payers money. It was going to be funded by the Muslim religion.
nothing to do with Ken (I suspect Boris's pals are quietly spreading this one around) - the mosque is going to be funded by Muslims, as usual.
tut - lovejoy , do you beleive everything you read ?

Sp - I thought it was madona you were in love with.
Anyway , given that you are the only londoner that I know of on this site - do you relish the prospect Boris having a turn at being mayor?
Ruby/Bazile no I dont believe everything I read which is why I wrote IF there is any truth in that and Bazile I dont know anyone called madonna and I'm not a Londoner I'm a yorkshireman.

Is there anything else you want to get wrong?
lovejoy, you are reading sp1814's mail there! Anyway, does everyone want an Etonian PM - Cameron - and an Etonian mayor - Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson? Or is that a few too many?
jno what are you talking about? being a yorkshireman I couldn't give a flying **** who is mayor of London it is the most irrelevant job in Britain, there are dustbinmen in Bradford who are more important to the community than Ken Livingstone or any other to$$er politician there has ever been
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if you say so, though I can't remember any binmen with the power to take us into a war in Iraq. That sort of thing will happen as long as people refuse to take any responsibility for the politicians who are elected.
sorry I didn't read your post properly as you did say if there was any truth in the matter.

I think I am not bothered about who is the Mayor, because I do not live there. But, although I am not too concerned about who London has, it is the capital and what happens there does influence the rest of the country including Yorkshire. My lack of concern could well be my undoing at a later stage.

As for politicians they are immensely important to every community, it is how this country is governed!
The only responsibility I can take jno is to tick the ballot paper
that's fine, lovejoy, you're doing your democratic duty. But you will feel Ken's influence when the whole of Yorkshire brings in a congestion charge!
No it isn't.
You can be a member of your party and share your views and ask questions at the grass root level. It does not always make you the most popular person especially if you ask awkward questions, but however infinitesimal difference it makes, it is a difference
lovejoy - I guess we were both guilty of not reading each others post properly

As you will see the second paragraph of my posting was intended for sp1814

As ruby states - what transpires in the capital does influence other areas of the country

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red ken on the way out

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